Engine 56

Engine 56 J  Gebet Credit

Engine 56 is a 2016 Spartan/ Alexis rescue pumper and currently serves as the department's primary response engine. It has a 1500 GPM pump and carries 500 gallons of water. This unit also has a 25-gallon foam tank for extinguishing combustible liquid fires. Engine 56 is outfitted to fight all structure fires with over 2000 feet of fire hose, ladders, and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for the firefighters to use. The onboard air cascade is used to refill SCBA air tanks at fires and supply the pneumatic rescue equipment. Additionally, this vehicle carries battery-operated extrication tools to be used in vehicle accidents. This rescue squad is outfitted with Technical Rescue equipment for the division's TRT/ CART team.

Engine 50

Engine 50, a 2008 HME/Alexis rescue-pumper. This vehicle can carry a crew of 7, including the officer and vehicle operator, and has a 1500-gallon per minute (GPM) pump with a 500-gallon water tank. This vehicle is equipped with all required firefighting equipment as well as a supply of rescue equipment, including hydraulic spreaders, often referred to as the “jaws of life”. Engine 50 has a 25-gallon foam tank, compressed air for running pneumatic tools, a thermal imager, rapid intervention equipment, and a small refrigerator for firefighter rehabilitation. This engine is a licensed paramedic vehicle which means personnel on board can perform advanced life support services in advance of an arriving ambulance.

 54Engine 54

Engine 54 is an HME/Alexis rescue pumper that was acquired in the fall of 2001. This rescue pumper is the department’s primary backup for engine 50, serving in its place during maintenance and repairs. This vehicle can carry a crew of up to 7, and has a 1500 GPM pump, a 500-gallon water tank, and a 30-gallon foam tank. This vehicle is equipped with firefighting equipment plus a wide selection of rescue equipment focused mainly on auto extrication. The expected lifespan of this vehicle is 21 years and is scheduled for replacement in 2022.