About Park Forest

The Village of Park Forest, located approximately 30 miles south of  Chicago’s Loop, is a diverse community of approximately 24,000.   Originally developed as one of the nation’s first planned communities  for returning veterans of World War II, Park Forest was incorporated in  1949.

 The Village has a stable, council/manager form of government and a proud past with a history of stability, innovation, volunteerism and  creativity.  Village services and amenities are excellent.

 Since 1949, the Fire Department has been serving the citizens of Park Forest with emergency assistance.

 We have evolved over the years from solely fire call responses into the  wide range of fire, emergency medical and public assistance services our residents have come to expect.

 Today, the Park Forest Fire Department employs 40 highly trained and  dedicated members who are ready and willing to serve on a moment's  notice. They have a diverse range of equipment and vehicles at their  disposal to provide top quality service to our residents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.