Network with the Business Community

The Village of Park Forest sponsors several events a year aimed at helping business leaders network with others in the community. Fostering stronger relationships between residents and businesses and businesses with other businesses has a lasting impact on the greater community. Below are some of the offerings in Park Forest where residents and business leaders can engage.

Business Breakfasts

Business Breakfasts are held quarterly at Park Forest’s DownTown banquet hall, Dining on the Green. The breakfasts bring together members of the business community and feature a guest speaker covering a top area that participants can benefit from learning more about. The Business Breakfasts typically begin at 8 a.m. and a free to registered businesses in Park Forest.

Business Expo Network with Business community meeting

The Village of Park Forest periodically hosts business expos as a way for organizations to interact with residents of Park Forest. On average, close to 500 residents turnout to the expo to learn more about the offerings of Park Forest businesses.