Fire Suppression

235 Grant 1The fire suppression component of the Operations Division is charged to protect life, property and the environment. The division, albeit shown as a separate entity, is really part of a mutual response with the Emergency Medical Services branch. Our engines are staffed with cross trained Fire-Medics, many with diverse and highly specialized skill sets, to meet the wide ranging demands of the Village.

Because firefighters are often the first responders to people in need, our Fire-Medics provide many other valuable services to the community in addition to fire suppression, including emergency medical treatment and transport, technical rescue services and response to hazardous materials releases. Daily operational staffing is minimally five personnel; two assigned to the advanced life support ambulance and three to the first response engine.

Structure fire responses typically include one engine, two ladder trucks under automatic-aid agreements, an ALS ambulance, the Chief and the Deputy Chief. Our service delivery goal is to place a minimum of fourteen firefighters on-scene within eight minutes. Fire suppression operations are always supported by a designated safety officer and, when needed, additional Chief Officers serving in the capacity of a management overhead team.

The Village also has a large geographical area of open space and natural wilderness areas where firefighting efforts require different techniques, equipment and training than typical structural firefighting operations. These responses include an engine to protect properties adjacent to the wildland areas, a brush truck, UTV and an ALS Ambulance to support operations.