2019 CIPP Sewer Rehabilitation

The sanitary sewer system is over 60 years old and at the end of its useful life. The area east of Indianwood and south of Sauk Trail has specifically been an issue in recent years. Video inspections of the sewer in the surrounding area show substantial deterioration and the need for rehabilitation. The Public Works Department has chosen to line these sewers as the method of rehabilitation. Lining, also called Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP), is a rehabilitation method that inserts fabric inside the old pipe, then inflates and cures the fabric up against the host pipe. The result is a new pipe, structurally non-reliant on the host pipe, with a useful life in excess of 50 years. See the link below that will show the map of the areas targeted for sewer rehabilitation in 2019.

2019 CIPP Sewer Lining Map

Insituform is the general contractor and work is anticipated start in late May of 2019 with sewer televising and cleaning.

Update June 4, 2019: Sewer cleaning and inspection is scheduled to begin Thursday. Sheridan sewer is the subcontractor providing the work. This activity should have limited impact to residents beyond the noise of the vactor truck used for cleaning. Cleaning and inspection should last approximately 1 month and will be followed by further construction activity. See the attached letter that was sent to affected homeowners. 

June 2, 2019 Lining Notice 

Update July 1, 2019: Weather has delayed sewer cleaning progress. Cleaning work is anticipated to last until August 1.

Update July 26, 2019: Cleaning work continues

Update August 13, 2019: Sewer lining work begins on August 14th on the following streets:

  • S. Orchard-Oswego to Blackhawk
  • Blackhawk-S. Orchard to Monee
  • Nassau
  • Nokomis

Affected residents should reference the door hanger provided by the contractor for specific information to your home. 

Please continue to check this site for further updates.